The Trust proposes to expand its current programmes to serve more and more people in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and other Indian states as well. Several well-wishers support its current programmes. In order to reach more communities at a faster pace, it plans to collaborate with the government and other organizations.


Saigram is all set to develop an integrated global campus linking traditional Ayurveda with modern science and technology. This campus will comprise of

  • A hospital complex
  • State of the art laboratories for Ayurvedic research
  • An Ayurveda college with best in class infrastructure, offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral level courses along with paramedical courses in Ayurveda
  • A convention facility to host scientific events
  • A herbal garden to nurture rare medicinal herbs
  • A centre for the preservation of knowledge and nature
  • An eco-friendly Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit compliant to WHO standards

  • Herbs Cultivation

    Cultivate rare & endangered herbs and grow them commercially for medicinal use and research

  • Farm Tourism

    The Trust envisages farm tourism for people from India and abroad to bring the urban populace closer to farming communities and their hardships

  • Environmental Technology

    The Trust will promote environmentally friendly and ecologically compatible innovative technologies that are adaptable and acceptable to agrarian communities. The focus areas would be

    • Environmental technology (envirotech)
    • Green technology (greentech)
    • Clean technology (cleantech)

    The objectives guiding these efforts would be the application of one or more environmental science, green chemistry, environmental monitoring and electronic devices

    • To monitor, model and conserve the natural environment and resources
    • To curb the negative impacts of human involvement
  • Non-conventional energy

    The Trust plans to

    • Identify, design and promote location specific non-conventional energy sources (biogas, solar energy, smokeless choolas etc.,
    • Facilitate the setting up of minihydel projects
    • Conduct awareness and skill development training programme on the use and establishment of non-conventional energy sources
  • IT Enabled Services

    IT enabled services for the development of Ayurveda such as

    • Software applications for
      • Ayurvedic hospital administration
      • Ayurvedic research projects management
    • Manuscript digitization
    • Web hosting and application development
  • Human Resource Development

    Conduct short term courses and training programmes for the public, Self-help Groups (SHGs), and government employees/ officers in

    • Agriculture and allied subjects
    • Disaster management
    • Health
    • Education
    • Personality development
    • Capacity building
  • Vocational Training Hall

    The Trust plans to construct a vocational training hall for farmers to acquaint them with modern technologies in agriculture for sustainable agricultural production.