The Saigram Charitable Trust is deeply indebted to the efforts of our volunteers without whose invaluable contribution many of our past milestones may still be distant dreams. Their insights and commitment have enriched our projects and broadened the horizons of our reach. We thank them for embracing our cause and becoming a part of the Saigram Family.

Our doors are always open for fresh ideas and skills. If you wish to join hands with us, we would be happy to welcome you into our midst. A wonderful life-enriching experience awaits you.

The Ideal Volunteer

Are you
  • Proactive
  • Enthusiastic
  • Responsible

Then you may fit into our family with ease. Please hit the ‘Become a volunteer’ button at the bottom of this page and fill in the requested details. The information you provide will be used to judge if we have shared objectives and to ascertain if working together will help both of us.

Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting you application.

  • If your application is shortlisted, the next step will be an interview with senior members of the Saigram Charitable Trust
  • Those who match the expectations of the senior management will then be invited to our office for discussions about roles and duties.
  • A mentor will supervise the daily work of every volunteer
  • All volunteers must comply with the rules and regulations of the Saigram Charitable Trust including those related to attendance and ethical behaviour.
  • Volunteers must obtain signed permission from their mentors before publishing any details related to their work at Saigram on any digital, print or other platform